Discounted Cat Neutering*

Our clinic patriciates in C4 discounted Cat Neutering Scheme. £10 owner contribution required and rest of the neutering procedure cost is covered by the charity organisation* (excludes blood-work, IV line)

Please note that due to a high demand there is waiting time for discounted Cat Neutering.

Are you eligible?

The scheme is available throughout the area within the M25 and parts of Hertfordshire. You are eligible for free neutering if you live within this area and:

a) You own the cat, and you receive:
• State benefit
• State pension
• Council tax benefit or Housing benefit
b) You are a full time student
c) You are on a low household income
d) The cat is a stray which you have been feeding for at least 14 days

Making an appointment:

POPLAR VETS also provides great value discounted preventive services  – to keep your pet healthy and happy – Please ask one of our team members for more information.

If your pet is microchipped then they must be registered in your name and address, or you must be in the process of changing the details.

You will be advised to microchip your dog, cat, rabbit or ferret at a discounted price during the treatment.

Please note that discount is not applicable for vaccinations, pet microchipping or in conjunction with other offers.

More information about the Cat Neutering Scheme:

*subject to availability, due to high demand there is a waiting time for Discounted Cat Neutering.